Depending on the client’s needs, I work with a network of agencies, unconventional creatives, artists, and pragmatic producers to curate, produce and promote customized projects, both local and international.

I can help you with:

Consulting and Mentoring

Curatorial Works & Educational Programs

Design and Management of Events

Some Brands I’ve worked with:

Amazon w/NVE Agency. Apulia Film Commission. Bpitch Control. Casa Seat. Dublab. Elisava. General Consulate of Italy. Hiroshima. Hotel Pulitzer. Hotel Esperia Tower. Italian Cultural Institute. LOOP. MACBA. Movistar. Moritz. Mutek. Nitsa Club. Primavera Sound. Puglia Sounds. Puglia Promozione. Ombra Festival. Red Bull. Resilient Planet. Riot Games. Share Festival. Soho House. Uber w/NVE Agency.

My personal projects have been featured in:

Artribune. BTVE. Good2B. El Pais. La Vanguardia. OctubreTv. Resident Advisor. RTVE. The Guardian. The Trip Magazine. Time Out. TV3. Wall Street International. Zurda. And many more.

Selected projects

Blockchain: oportunidades y retos para las industrias creativas.

Casa Seat.

Anna Mastrolitto (founder of Dreamers Academy) and her guests; Javiroyo (illustrator and artists), Frankie Piza (director and co-founder of Guzzu), Micaela Ruiz (curator & creator relations steward at Doingud) and Sabrina Bonini (founder at CriptoEsCultura), explore the opportunities and challenges for the creative industries in the Blockchain world.

Ragazze Italiane

September 2021 - Palau Robert.

I co-curated the photographic exhibition "Ragazze Italiane" by artist Alessia Laudoni that took place in the Garden at Palau Robert. Created and promoted by the Consulate General of Italy in Barcelona in conjunction with the Dreamers Academy platform, Barcelona City Council and the Generalitat de Catalunya's Directorate-General for Dissemination, the exhibition is part of the MUSE project. The aim of this project, active since 2018, is to act as a catalyst for the cultural and creative industry of Italian female talent in Spain, under the impetus of Consul General Gaia Danese.

Dreamers Academy

Abril 2020

I founded Dreamers Academy, a holistic platform to support creative leaders who aspire to have a positive impact on society, operating from an artistic and social innovation field.

Deviazioni: Puglia Fuori Traccia (Barcelona, 2019).

Italia Repubblica Creativa

The Italian Institute of Culture of Barcelona in collaboration with Apulia Film Commission and the Filmoteca de Catalunya present “Deviazioni: Puglia fuori traccia”, a selection of 7 films related to Puglia, the Italian region invited to the second edition of “Italia Repubblica Creativa”, a program of cultural activities promoted by the Consulate General of Italy in Barcelona.
The cycle that will be screened from May 14 to 16 in the Sala Laya of the Filmoteca de Catalunya is curated by Anna Mastrolitto (LiveSoundtracks) and Luciano Toriello (MAD Produzioni), both born in Puglia, and exposes a look at the peculiarities and the contrasts of this region of Italy in a journey from north to south through feature and selected short films: Polis Nea, La guerra dei cafoni, Erma, Giardini di luce, In viaggio con Adele, 10YearsOn and La Capa Gira.
This last film, directed by Alessandro Piva, premiered at the Berlin festival and winner of the David di Donatello prize for the best opera prima in 2000, was a turning point in the region's recognition throughout Europe. From the same director, there is the unpublished documentary 10 Years On that will be presented by LiveSoundtracks on the final night of the cycle: a multisensory trip through the contrast experienced by the youth of this region in the Mediterranean, with live sounds from the electronic music of Fedele Ladisa (Agents of Time).

Ombra Festival

November 2019 - 2021 Barcelona

For the second edition of Ombra festival, I took care of the strategy and coordination of the communication campaign.

Ombra is a project born from the hand of agency WeareWe and label Oraculo Records with the aim of creating a meeting place for lovers of analogue and avant- garde sounds that do not fit in the current cultural offer, all of this taking a step beyond the playful.

MUSE: A New Wave of Women in the Mediterranean

VOlumens - Valencia 2019, ENSO - Alicante 2019, - Barcelona 2020 - 2021

Muse: A New Wave of Women in the Mediterranean

The Italian General Consulate in Barcelona, as part of the ITmakES project, gives its patronage to the participation of the Italian artist Marta de Pascalis to the International Festival of Art Science and Technology VOlumens of Valencia, in order to keep its own effort to give visibility to the cultural and creative scene, the most experimental and contemporary one.

This initiative coincides with the launch of the platform project MUSE, A New Wave of Women in the Mediterranean, conceived by the Italian General Consul in Barcelona Gaia Danese, in conjunction with the project’s co-author Anna Mastrolitto, founder of the collective She’s in Control.

The project MUSE will also cooperate with other three electronic music festivals in Spain: Enso in Alicante in November, and MutekES in Barcelona in March of next year.

LiveSountracks w/ Terence

Tupper 2019

For the fifth edition of Tupper Festival I organized and curated a LiveSoundtracks show with Terence:

Producer, dj and radio host Terence drops by Tupper to change the way you experience cinema, with a live music set accompanied by the visuals of two short films from the 1920s: Regen and Ballet Mecanique.

Friday, 18 January - Convent de Sant Agustí, Barcelona

Gender Equality in the Creative Industries // Diversity in Curation 2019

For the tenth edition of I organized and curated two rounds tables:

"Gender Equality in the Creative Industries & Institutional Action" with:
Ariel Charec (MUTEK Argentina) AR
Gaia Lucilla Danese - Cónsul General de Italia en Barcelona (IT)
Valeria Zamparolo (British Council / Amplify) AR
Marie McPartlin (Somerset House Studios / Amplify) UK
Carmen Zapata (Asociación MIM) ES
Daniel Granados (ICUB) ES
Soho House, Barcelona

"Diversity in Curation" with:
Natalia San Juan (Femnoise, España)
Oliver Baurhenn (CTM Festival, Berlin)
Slikback (Nyege Nyege, Uganda)
Pau Cristoful (Primavera Sound, España)
We Work, Barcelona

LST Radio

Dublab 2017 - 2019

Anna and her guests share cinematographic sounds and imaginary soundtracks, talking about music, films and life.

Every four weeks on Dublab radio.

Movistar LiveSoundtracks Festival

Convent dels Àngels (MACBA), Barcelona 2015

In September 2014 we won Movistar’s Artsy competition, a platform that supports cultural events, gaining the support it needed to celebrate a two-day festival in the MACBA’s Convent dels Àngels, the Gothic convent that sits across the plaza from the museum.


+ ALPPINE: 'Vídeo Diarios', 'Actitude', 'Somos nosotros' y 'Cuatro caminos' de Diego Delgado (2003-2004)
+ BRUNETTO & XARLENE: 'Reinventing Alice' (1988)
+ CRISTIAN DE SUCRE: ‘Sistema Natura’ (2015)
+ EMILIANO ZELADA: 'The stone cut'.
+ ENSEMBLE ECONOMIQUE: ‘Dreams’, Akira Kurosawa (1990)
+ FRANCESCA BANCHELLI: 'A precious stone'.
+ JAIME L. PANTALEÓN: ‘La noche de los muertos vivientes’ de George A. Romero (1968)
+ LENA WILLIKENS: 'Japanese Girls At The Harbor', Hiroshi Shimizu (1933)
+ SARA FONTÁN: ‘La Jetée’, Chris Marker (1962)
+ SHINKIRO: 'Sans Soleil', Chris Marker (1983)
+ Dj´s Cinematic Sets

The Blue Room

Sala Hiroshima, Barcelona 2017

LiveSoundtracks brings together the choreographer Moreno Bernardi and the composer Gigi Piscitelli to create a unique piece inspired by the cult film Blue by British filmmaker Derek Jarman. A blue dance, reassuring and irritating at the same time, that, through a live sound and music collage, reveals an intimate diary of the body that dances.

Blue is composed of a single blue frame; the ultramarine blue created by the French artist Yves Klein. Faced with this light, the spectator feels surrounded, trapped and imagines movements, forms that meet and distance themselves. Through a fixed and primary element, the film invites to dream, to project a personal fantasy on the blue surface.

In The Blue Room a blue space replaces Blue‘s monochromatic screen, while two artists create their own interpretation of the film. Moreno Bernardi uses his body as a language and Gigi Piscitelli uses his music.

To complete the proposal, Anna Mastrolitto and Moreno Bernardi set up a didactic project that brings together the students of the MEATS (Master in Ephemeral Architecture and Temporary Spaces) of Elisava, students of the ESDi (Escola Superior de Disseny), and a group of young professionals from the SAE Creative Media Institute Barcelona to build, jointly, a dream space to get lost and meet.

Curators: Anna Mastrolitto | Moreno Bernardi
Dance/choreography: Moreno Bernardi
Music: Gigi Piscitelli + Giorgio POna
Space and Lights: MEATS ELISAVA
Sound: SAE Institute Barcelona
Costume: ESDI
Production: LST- MEp

She's on Tape

Primavera Sound Radio, 2018 - 2019

a sound trip through some of the most interesting productions of funk, disco, house, synthwave and experimental music that have come out on the warm and fuzzy cassette format.
Every four weeks on Radio Primavera Sound.

Anna collaborated with us creating the concept, the business plan, and the staff recruitment for the first edition of Share Festival. Her wide knowledge & experience, as well as her numerous professional contacts in the Festival field, have been fundamental to give life to such an ambitious new project. Furthermore Anna is a beautiful human being, very talented and capable of creating a nice "team feeling". She was very passionate about the project and put her efforts in it as if it were her own. We would definitely recommend her for the creation of new projects, because her talent was crucial for Share Festival’s success.

Stefano MaccaroneShare Festival

I worked with Anna as she hosted one of my artists at her LiveSoundtracks event. She is an attentive promoter, a dependable event organizer and above all very dedicated to her job. It was a pleasure to work with her and I hope our paths will cross again.

Maria UrcioliKO-HUM